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EMUGE Threading & Clamping Technology Catalog 408

The free, 450 page catalog features full-color product illustrations and descriptions complete with specifications, charts and guides.

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Emuge is the premiere supplier of taps for the most demanding applications.

Our taps are used in the most industries including automotive, aerospace and high-tech.

We supply a full range of taps and carry metric and english unit versions. For more information about each tap line please browse the categories in the left-hand navigation bar, or use our Interactive Tap Finder to determine the best tool for your needs.

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Program Overview

  1. Overall Tap Length
    Short machine screw taps have an overall length according to U.S. Standard dimensions. Machine taps EMUGE Rekord 1 (with reinforced shank) and Rekord 2 (with reduced shank) are made longer according to European standards. Such taps can easily be chucked with modern tapping attachments and yet aid in chip removal. Metric taps are available with overall tap lengths according to DIN and ANSI standards.
  2. Thread Length
    EMUGE's tap thread length is determined by our vast experience regarding different threading applications. We have designed taps with a reinforced shank which have a neck to create longer effective threading lengths. The thread lengths of taper thread taps, such as NPTF Pipe, are designed to minimum lengths making them suitable for all kinds of holders.
  3. Shanks and Squares
    The shank and square dimensions of all EMUGE Taps are made to U.S. Standards so that they can readily fit any available tap holder without difficulty. Metric taps are available with shank and square sizes according to DIN and ANSI standards.