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The industry's first all-around, high-performance tap.

MultiTAP will cut a wide range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze. MultiTAP is also uniquely designed to produce threads within both 2B and 3B classes of fit, eliminating the guesswork required when calculating H-limits making MultiTAP the first truly all-around high performance tap. MultiTAP is now available in 9 NEW sizes in both spiral point and spiral flute, ranging from UNC or UNF #4-40 to 1”-8 and metric sizes from M4 to M16. Emuge also offers the MultiTAP concept in a roll form version for chipless thread forming. MultiTAP is the ideal tap for a job shop or a manufacturer who works with short- and medium- run threading applications across a wide spectrum of materials. It will significantly improve thread quality and boost output while reducing production costs, because one high performance MultiTAP will handle most common materials and applications. MultiTAP eliminates the need to stock numerous types of taps in the tool crib.

MultiTAP is guaranteed!

Put it to the test yourself:
If MultiTAP doesn’t outperform your current taps in a range of common materials, Emuge will refund your money.

MultiTAP is the result of collective years of Emuge’s extensive tapping expertise and application research. It features a completely new, innovative geometric design and a special base material and surface treatment, allowing it to handle numerous materials and applications. MultiTAP is constructed of a proprietary grade speed steel (HSS-E), nitrided with Emuge’s Ne2 surface treatment and TiN coated for roll forming. The roll form MultiTAP is has a short chamfer lead of 1.5-2 threads and is ideal for full- bottom tapping. Lubrication grooves allow coolant flow-to-form action, ideal for holes with long thread length


Dramatic Performance increases
In lab tests, MultiTAP far outperformed a leading brand forming tap.
Test Data:  
Material AISI 1045
Holder PGR25-KSN3-SSY-DDU4
Coolant 10% water soluble
Machine vertical machining center
Thread M10
Depth 20mm (2xD)
Coating TIN
Drill Diameter 9.35mm

Test Results:

  • A leading tap brand breakage at 265 holes
  • MultiTap-Form Torque too high at 1639 holes

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Cut and now Roll Form Taps

  • Constructed of a proprietary grade of high speed steel (HSS-E) and TiN coated for exceptionally long life and versatility
  • Short chamfer lead of 1.5-2 pitch, ideal for bottom tapping
  • Lubrication grooves allow coolant flow-to-form action, ideal for holes with long thread length
  • Form both 2B and 3B threads with the same tap, eliminating the guesswork of calculating H-limits
  • MultiTAP-Form displaces the workpiece material, increasing thread strength and quality.

    All taps made with Emuge's trademark long shanks-DIN length for extra reach. UNC and UNF taps are DIN length-ANSI shanks, metric taps are DIN length-DIN shanks

Making threads without chips has many advantages, including:

  • Excellent thread surface quality
  • No risk of poor threads due to axial "miscutting"
  • Increased static and dynamic strength of thread
  • Elevated tapping speeds are possible



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