• Easy machining of difficult materials
  • One tool for through and blind holes
  • Pitch diameter can be easily controlled
  • Full bottom threading to within 1 pitch
  • STI threads can be easily produced
  • Produces excellent thread finish and gaging
    • Requiring only 8 stock standard tool sizes, #10 • 1/4 • 5/16 • 3/8 • 7/16 • 1/2 • 5/8 • 3/4, it is now possible to produce 100+ commonly produced screw thread designations
    • In addition, Threads-All tools provide total control over pitch diameter limits including 2B • 3B • 3BG • and all oversize variants

THREADS-ALL. Quality, Security, Versatility and Economy

Emuge is proud to introduce Threads-All, a new expanded line of solid carbide thread mills. In the dynamic world of metal cutting, Emuge recognizes the need to continually deliverthe latesttechnology to help manufacturers reduce costs, improve delivery times, and produce world-class products.

This new series of thread mills will set the standard for versatility, performance, process security, and value. The Emuge Threads-All program isspecially designed for a wide range ofthreading applications and requires minimal tooling.

Threads-All is ideal for demanding industries using difficult materials such as stainless steels, titanium, and inconel. For manufacturers, tool crib stock and carrying costs are minimized, delivery times are improved, finished threads will pass all QC requirements, and profitability is maximized.

Solid Carbide Thread Mills: Miniature and Expanded Sizes

Miniature size thread mills provide a high-quality and dependable threading solution for a variety of difficult materials.

The new Expanded sizes provide manufacturers a ready tooling solution which allows for quick adaptation to a variety of threading requirements, in a wide range of materials:

Threads-All Pencil Comparison