Performance characteristics:

  • Smooth, low-wear running due to oil bath lubrication (SAE 75 W-90, 20 cm3).
  • Safe sealing against the penetration of coolant-lubricant into the housing, by separating the axial and rotational movement of the clamping head.
  • Reduced wear on the gear change elements thanks to extremely quick changes of the direction of rotation (35 msec).
  • No axial jolts on the tap during gear changes.
  • Minimised axial forces exerted on the thread flanks of the tap.
  • Obtaining constant thread depths by exactly defined switching point.
  • Reduced safety distance to 5 mm between workpiece and tool due to short gear change path. This yields an additional reduction of cycle times.
  • Constant cutting speed ➞ Increased tool life.
  • Protection of the machine spindle by constant right-hand running.
  • As the tool spindle is not permanently accelerated or braked and the turning direction not changed, energy is saved due to almost constant power consumption.

The SWITCH-MASTER ® tapping attachment has been designed for use on CNC-controlled machines. Owing to the integrated reverse gear mechanism, the change of rotation of the machine spindle is no longer needed.

Normally the tapping attachments type SWITCH-MASTER ® are made for the production of right-hand threads. However, on request the attachment can be produced also for left-hand threads. The turning direction of the machine spindle remains right-turning in both cases.

For the use of the tapping attachment, a stop block is needed for the following functions:

  • Supporting the torque caused by the operation of the attachment.
  • Correct defi nition of the position between machine spindle and stop block when using automatic tool changers.
  • Supply of the auxiliary energy necessary for the change of the sense of rotation on the SWITCH-MASTER ® = pressurized air (6 +1 -0,5 bar).

The stop block is normally fi tted individually to the customer‘s machine before shipping of the attachment.

The connection to the machine spindle is a cylinder shank Ø 25 acc. to DIN 1835 B+E; the use of the adapter shanks is a fast and economically effi cient way of guaranteeing the compatibility with all the usual spindle adaptions. Producing range is M4 - M12. Maximum permissible speed: 3000 rpm On the machine side, compressed air (6 +1 -0,5 bar) is needed as auxiliary energy for the change of direction of rotation.

Tool locking is executed via collets of size ER 16 acc. to DIN ISO 15488.

Owing to the better torque transmission, we recommend the use of collets with integrated square (type ER16-GB).

The attachments are designed for the use with internal coolant-lubricant supply (IKZ) up to 50 bar (700psi) coolant-lubricant pressure.